Mollie McMullan

S.S. Scarlett

There is a blood river between my thighs and

I am drowning

My mother wants me to make a raft of myself but

I’ve always wanted to breathe

underwater; to be underwater

I tell her about Aphrodite,

beauty born from men

Born for men

I ask what would’ve happened if she stayed in the water

      Aphrodite shakes her head; nothing is this easy

There is no option to form gills,

to handle Poseidon’s trident

The water has memory,

and remembers it’s ruled

by men

I am a vessel

I am a ship

I sail bloody waters

I do not navigate them

Mollie McMullan is a sophomore English creative writing major at SUNY Geneseo. In her work, she tends to focus on issues regarding womanhood and control. When she’s home on Long Island, she can be found scavenging the beach for sea glass and trying to train her untrainable dog.