Kendall Cruise

Some of the Things that I Do Not Know:

How to make the blinds go down

the first time it is attempted;

the names of all the fifty states, their star-

studded capitals to match; what

kind of chemicals make soda

that crisp, why I should be

worried about it; all the ways

one can say hello,

all the avoidant ways to say

goodbye; the difference

between tan &

beige &

khaki; how

one wears white pants

successfully, ever;

the marvel of fingers, how they move

precise & punctuated;

when, exactly, pasta is cooked

the right amount, whether

Italians of the past cry

as I chuck spaghetti at the wall;

how to dress for the weather

without somehow being too hot or

too cold or

both, at the same time;

the witchcraft that allows someone

to look comfortable in any picture, ever,

even the ones you don’t know

are being taken;

the art of texting

without sounding like your grandma,

but also not boring,

but also not like I am maybe

mad at you (which I’m not!

I’m just in desperate need

to figure out the right tonal qualities

of a text & when punctuation

is appropriate, or

if it’s ever appropriate).

Some of the things I do know

for sure,

probably; depending

on who you ask

& whether or not they are in a forgiving mood:

that every morning

the birds outside my window sing;

there is no other way that I would choose

to be woken;

that I practically have to chase

my teenage brother out

of my room,

that he refuses to bug

anyone else in this way; people

in my life

come to me for advice,

for support,

even when I have no

prior personal experience because they know

it will still be given




that thoughtful notes in cards

make me cry, even the seventeenth time;

that I didn’t tell

my colorblind grandfather

my birthday cake was

neon orange & blue, not


(and that it could have been

highlighter green

& I wouldn’t have loved it

any less);

that there is love, here, right now, always;

if only you were to just reach your hands out

& grab it.

Kendall Cruise is a junior English (creative writing) and adolescence education major at SUNY Geneseo. When not obsessively revising their latest piece of writing, she can be found constructing hyper-specific playlists or on The Sims. They are a section editor for their college’s newspaper, The Lamron, and have been previously published in Gandy Dancer and Iris Magazine.