Carolina Fernandez


Latina, Blooming

I sit in a television

Mamá is in the kitchen

making dinner.

my hair curls.

dry patch on my forehead

a nearing winter


     I fell

in sleep


on a carpet


We pay a toll

in trains

we walk,

we work,

we rarely drink

our curves are strong

like rum,

my uncle’s drunk,

we climb,

we bleed and

start again


Mamá y Papá

say the world

is not a place for

girls like me


Waning Crescent


long night in a desert dreaming tank


spilled water                                                                                                      excess

                    we are sitting still in a mist

  this rushed summer:

       slab          of        rusting             iron

                        we are in between

love,            I fell in

mossy gravestones,              slow                 warm               rain

swinging on your porch

      naked blouse

soft breath

here his neck,

yes,          here

Carolina Fernandez is a senior English (creative writing) major at SUNY Geneseo. She is inspired by her daily life and natural surroundings.