5.2 | Art



Ashley Lester

Arnold Barretto

Jane Galletti

Sean Maphia

Isabel Owen

 Chelsea Sereno

 Marissa Specioso

Peggy Wen

Artists’ Bios

Ashley Lester is a sculptor, printmaker, and collage artist from the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Her work invites the viewer to experience the internal conflicts of her childhood and the tension and difficulties of creating relationships with newly discovered family members.

Arnold Barretto is a senior international student at SUNY Plattsburgh. Originally from India but raised in Dubai, he learned how to adapt to different environments easily. He loves photography, theatre, and chocolate.

Jane Galletti is currently a senior at SUNY Plattsburgh with a double concentration in painting and ceramics and an art history minor. She is the president of the Plattsburgh Association of Visual Arts and is active in her community as a local artist. She also works full time as a travel agent, which aids in seeing artwork abroad.

Sean Maphia is a broadcasting/mass communication major and creative writing minor. He is from Herkimer, NY. He plays his guitar and sings on occasion. Family is everything to him.

Isabel Owen is a sophomore English (creative writing) and history double major with a minor in Latin American studies at SUNY Geneseo. She likes to post poems in unexpected places and pretend that she didn’t do it, even though everyone knows that she did.

Chelsea Sereno has a love for graphic design which has grown, thanks to the limitless possibilities provided by new digital production tools. As someone who has grown up with a passion for drawing, being able to combine this with her graphic design work is very rewarding. She can push her original concepts in ways she had never dreamed of.

Marissa Specioso is a travel photographer with a passion for nature and food. She travels all over the globe, and is always in search of beautiful landscapes and traditional foods. She takes photographs to capture feelings of emotion and to engage the viewer in the photo in a non-traditional way.

Peggy Wen is a senior at SUNY Plattsburgh. She is interested in figures and objects placed in space. Feeling misplaced herself, she seeks to find solutions of placement and interpretation in her paintings.