Diego Barcacel Peña


Papi once told me,

si quieres ser un

hombre verdadero

necesitas caminar

como un hombre

verdadero With your

intact cock in hand like

a sword getting ready to

conquer cualquier pedazo

de nalga that you


Papi, my favorite color es el

rosado. Eres maricón?

And I want to wear a falda.

Eres Chica?

Right hand on my


a failed patriarch

of your patriarchy Perdóname

chica but I just want

to come to the conclusion of the

understanding of my testicles.

Diego Barcacel Peña was born in the Dominican Republic but has lived in the Bronx, NY since he was three. He is a senior English (creative writing) major at SUNY Geneseo. His work has been previously published in Gandy Dancer and Dark River Review.