Lizzie Pellegrino

64° 58′ N, 21° 27′ W @ 14:00 & 20 y.o.

aska covered hills with hekla

bucket to the east

i prayed basaltic ash

clouds would cover the ever

summer sun. martian analog

i pace on moss that groans

shifts under hiking boots. i did

not want to leave the river,

meandering jarðhiti. swimsuit in

thirteenº c and hair wet with

sulfur-altered steam

i pushed my xenolith fingers into silt &    hoped

the ground could collect me       into igneous

rock    and store me in the mud under

katabatic breeze and jökull.

Lizzie Pellegrino is a junior English (creative writing) and geological sciences double major, who cares far too much about walking through every puddle in her path. Her backpack, at any given time, likely contains at least two notebooks, three rocks, and a few bags of chamomile tea.