Claire Corbeaux

Perturbation Theory, or Always & Forever

I could write word after word.

It would be easy

were it not for the fact that I

am constantly consumed by the desire to know

our atoms will dance in space forever.

Sometimes I feel the urge like blue fire

to align and observe (our hearts), our quarks: charm & strange.

So I can understand you and know myself


We could tango together all night and lick our wounds with salty tongues,

repeat the stinging since there’s no winning with gold.

Electricity only passes with tension, and besides,

I have been told I look best in silver.

In fact, I am ruled by the moon, not mercury, though you know I am

most frequently liquid




Will you link with me just for this eternity?

I’m begging you to let your neutrons bind with mine.

We can do this foxtrot forever, buried inside

each other’s furious

nimbostratical electron clouds.

Claire Corbeaux is a senior English major and physics minor at SUNY Geneseo. In her spare time, she can be found eating fruit Mentos, aimlessly perusing the SUNY Geneseo website, and actively trying to change the aesthetic of her Instagram explore page.