Ellen Weber

Ellen Weber




We stood in the yellow light

whispers spread to close companions

Fenced into bubbles, timid as a tulip’s bud


We saw the potions being poured

the amber and teal and sunset pinks

liquid gold encased in red


We laughed as joy poured down our throats

and watched the cool dew descend

and the moon starts to breathe


We danced out of unison

in the pulsing lights to the

melodies that leeched off our blood


We remembered our origins

when each of our earths was sent on a

crash course into each other and rejoiced


We turned our heads and shunned

the temperature’s rising in our fellow revelers,

from hearts to heads to fists


We closed our eyes

when we saw the river girl’s eyes set aflood

as they do each springtime celebration


We brushed off the quiet smoke and whips

so carelessly flung at us from

her sneaking, smiling maw


We refused the shadows

as they tried to slither through our eyes

to slip ice in our veins and consume our minds


We ran away from the orange light that

stretched over the concrete


We resented the stars

for falling asleep and leaving

their shadows in our eyes


We wanted to return

to the heights of separation

of flesh and cloudy hearts


We were not done with the noise