Frances Sharples


It is such a relief

having lost you.

You called me today

while I was flirting

with another high

school romance,

they had a dragonfly

tattoo. Lifetimes ago

you wanted us

to fuck on your windowsill

so long as you were

facing it. The world could see

your face and my

body being fucked. There is

no gentle in you

the way there is in a

dragonfly tattoo, the way

sweet bodies lean

into each other in between

the aisles of a bookstore, the way the

snow fell on my windowsill

this morning. When I woke up

alone in my body,

your parasite cast aside

while I slept gently and warm.

Frances Sharples is a junior English major at SUNY Geneseo and the editor-in-chief of The Lamron and Iris Magazine. Despite their overcommitment to and enthusiasm regarding a ridiculous number of things, it could be argued that all they truly care about is snacks, Wordle, and Dora Jar.