Rachel Beneway

Tap Shoe Memento Mori

A vision of Carol Falkowitz, distinguished tap dancer

and colorful grandmother.

Violent slaps ring

off the dining room table’s

finished mahogany.

She matches the metal licks

            to the bold

                        in her hips,

and from it a rhythmic clink resurrects

into tune. Eyes sewn

shut; she lets the silver pulse

            groove              her.

            Her cracked skin

            and kinked frame feeling

for the days of stages and loud light—

an audience of hazy grins

and grabby eyes watch her




Then, from the crimson-rimmed

hollow that is her mouth,

they’ll see, atop

her bubblegummed-tongue, rests

a knotted cherry stem.

Nodding in acceptance

of her lost dew, a

dead peachiness,

she’ll insist:

When I croak—

bury me with nothing but

metal slabs on my feet and a

teacup full of cherries

Rachel Beneway is in the midst of her junior year at SUNY Fredonia where she studies English education and creative writing. When she manages to break away from the lives of fictional characters, she likes to spend her summers hiking up mountains and winters skiing down them. In a past life she was definitely best friends with Scout Finch. This is Rachel’s first publication.

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