Skaftafell: July 20, 2016

I was wearing someone else’s socks, and I felt the water wring between my river-dipped toes as the mountain trail rose.

Q: do I double major in geology or not?

The geology major is        65 credits large:        requiring an        introductory class,

The socks didn’t quite fit me. They were too tight around the

Historical Geology,        Mineralogy,        Petrology,        Structural Geology,

ankles, and the knit was coarser than my sole was used to. What if these socks weren’t

Geomorphology,        Paleontology        Stratigraphy,

borrowed and really I was someone else walking in my own slog? I was tired of

3 electives,      2 semesters of senior seminar,        Chemistry I,        Chemistry II,

playing the geologist who separates her poetry and field notes

Biology I,        Biology II,        Calculus I,        Calculus II.     My creative

into different notebooks. I was tired of being the scientific voice in workshop to correct tries

writing major is only        44 credits:        4 workshops,        3 literature

at geologic metaphors. Wouldn’t it just be easier to stay in someone else’s socks

classes,               2 introductory classes,      and 1 elective.      The Geology minor

                                   and exist as one or the other?

was 33 credits,     and I just wanted some                             balance        between the two.


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