Emily Hargitai

The Professor

I brought the professor a poem.

It was naked and covered in vomit.

I said, “Sorry, professor. I wrote it with food poisoning.”

He said, “Bile bleaches words. The wino cries

expired milk. Please put your clothes back on

and read the damn thing.”

I said, “Sorry. I wrote about childhood love

in the woods. And a ferret named Waffle.”

He said, “No you didn’t. You stuffed a dead rat

and some leaves in a squeezable bottle.”

I said, “Sorry,” and hammered my hand

to the desk with a pen. It really hurt.

He said, “Here, have a snack,” and passed me a peach.

Then he mopped up my blood with his shirt.

Emily Hargitai is a senior Creative Writing student at SUNY Purchase and a recipient of the 2018 Ginny Wray Prize in Poetry. She likes writing poems about writing poems and currently has six gray hairs.