Emily Hargitai

Poem Without Drugs

I don’t know how to write poems without drugs,

so I ask my dog to write them for me.

Usually he complies, but today he just

huffs and says, “I don’t write poems without turkey.”

So I go to my father. I say, “Dad, won’t

you help me?” He says, “Last time I did that

we both got a C, and besides, I don’t

write poems without black tea.” So I collapse

to the floor, and I beg and I pray

for God to write me a sonnet. “Just this

once let me borrow some words,” I say,

“I’ll cite you as a source, okay? I promise,

in the name of Christ, your ever-loving son.”

But by the time He answers, the poem is done.

Emily Hargitai is a senior Creative Writing student at SUNY Purchase and a recipient of the 2018 Ginny Wray Prize in Poetry. She likes writing poems about writing poems and currently has six gray hairs.