Grace Gilbert


First visit, during the county fair

after Anne Sexton

it is June.

i am tired

of being strong.

i place wet wild daisies

on stone, a weary offering.

some petals obstruct your name.

of all the sad new facts here,

i would much rather admit

the daisies.

it is beginning to rain,

a slow one, tapping on the canopy above

before it begins to dimple

this bleak neighborhood,

& i lie in the dirt next to you

one last time,

allowing it.

i know the injury

of acknowledging death

in back of every i love you—

accepting what falls before it does,

but goodbye

is always hovering like this,

a red balloon tied

to a wrist.


Grace Gilbert is currently studying Childhood/Special Education and English (Creative Writing) at SUNY Geneseo. Grace is a finalist in Sweet Literary Magazine’s 2018 poetry contest, and her work can or will be found in Anomaly Literary Journal, Twyckenham Notes, Maudlin House, Pretty Owl Poetry, Gandy Dancer, Glass Mountain, and other publications. She hopes to pursue an MFA in poetry.