Grace Gilbert

on waking at 3 a.m.

in this dreadful pattern of insomnia

& wondering if i could love you,

each unflinching minute

hums thick like a pulse—

a torrent of frantic wings beating

against the soundless expanse

of an unremarkable bedroom; somewhere,

where my mind houses our sleeping bodies

and little else. i envision our love

as that small breath

i always draw at the start of a dream,

sharp and secretive,

a tiresomely private mention

of a world you’ll never visit.

there is a cruel diligence

to keeping you here,

listless and expectant,

when my love has eroded to nothing

but some unearthed relic

of need.


Grace Gilbert is currently studying Childhood/Special Education and English (Creative Writing) at SUNY Geneseo. Grace is a finalist in Sweet Literary Magazine’s 2018 poetry contest, and her work can or will be found in Anomaly Literary Journal, Twyckenham Notes, Maudlin House, Pretty Owl Poetry, Gandy Dancer, Glass Mountain, and other publications. She hopes to pursue an MFA in poetry.