Mitchell Angelo

A Girl’s Name

Bend—baffle the wings into shapes unclean. Marry the animals that do not caw; falcon. Perhaps eagle.

Kitchen table now. A man has your feathers for breakfast. Heirloom the estranged inching up of

thighs. Turn uncles to fruit juice. A knifed citrus lies in the sink and I will play possum licking rind to

rim. Offer seconds and or thirds. He only feeds you after he says he’s sorry. There is no slur like the

overripe. Pitted. Queer. Remove context and this can be about your stupid boyfriend. Remove

context and this body sings female. Remove Remove. I’ll They until I vomit in virgo. I’ll worm into


apples. I’ll bury my zodiac.

Mitchell Angelo is a junior Creative Writing major at SUNY Purchase, with a focus in poetry and a minor in Theatre & Performance. His work covers topics like gender, the environment, and anything pancake shaped.