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12.2 | Art

Sophia Turturro

David Santillo

Aslan Hernandez

Sophia Turturro commonly describes herself as a recovering entrepreneur. Due to unforeseen economics, she’s currently looking down the barrel of bankruptcy. However, not all hope is lost. To get herself out of this rut, Sophia has begun selling business advice for $300 an hour. She can assure you there have been no unsatisfied customers. Contact her if interested—and hurry, don’t miss out on the honor of being her first customer.

David Santillo is a multimedia artist who primarily utilizes charcoal, ink, acrylic, and melted beads in his work. He is currently enrolled at SUNY Ulster as a fine arts major. He loves creating work that allows expression of himself in a way that he can share. Additionally, he loves creating work that contains recognizable and nostalgic subjects from franchises. Check out his work on Instagram, @nachdraws.

Aslan, previously known as Virginia, Hernandez, is a gender-fluid individual studying art and design at SUNY Westchester Community College. His work, particularly in charcoal portraiture, delves into diverse perspectives, aims to transcend conventional boundaries, and capture the nuanced complexities of identity. As a student and artist, Aslan aspires to contribute to an inclusive artistic space, where emotions and authenticity take center stage.

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