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11.2 | Art

LeeAnne Dutkiewicz

Hana Ichikawa

Charlie Lange

Erik Carrigan

Brielle Sarkisian

Sophia Turturro

 Brianna McQuade

LeeAnne Dutkiewicz is a senior at Buffalo State University where she studies graphic design. She received the 2022 John J. Jauquet Award for Creative Excellence in graphic design. Her work has been featured in the Visual Arts Board Student Exhibition and the Art and Design Student Exhibition at Buffalo State University.

Hana Ichikawa is a first-year student at Binghamton University studying psychology. She likes to experiment with her film negatives in the dark room, and is continuing to test her abilities with oil pastels.

Charlie Lange is a junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology. They are studying fine arts with a focus on the human figure and it’s interaction with nature, along with love and queerness.

Erik Carrigan’s current body of work focuses on abstract watercolor paintings on paper. While painting, the work is treated as a surface. The brush strokes are fluid, allowing the medium to be manipulated as it is pushed, spread, and absorbed. Creating pockets of color that buckle from puddles of water allows freedom for the color to mix and blend directly on the work.

Brielle Sarkisian is a senior printmaking BFA student at SUNY New Paltz. She makes work navigating unconscious internal anxieties explored by rabbit personas in haunting, entangled environments through printmaking, drawing, and painting. In her spare time she is an active member of Print Club at SUNY New Paltz, as well as a part of the Slanted Art Co-Op in Montrose, Pennsylvania, where she designs original posters, wall decor, cards, and T-shirt graphics to sell.

Sophia Turturro is a sophomore at SUNY Geneseo. Her favorite medium is watercolor because when she gets it on the table she can just wash it off.

Brianna McQuade’s process of making is reflective of experiences in the space between comedy and pain, and how those things interact with one another. In her personal work thus far, she has employed different methods of making and sculpture to play with the complicated discourse that is humor. Comedy and depreciation are often positioned against the dominant component of morality, ensuring its successes in that it is able to meander between being critical and self-reflective.

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11.1 | Art

Sophia Turturro

Zach Buzzell

Erik Carrigan

Alyssa Cusimano

Harry Wyatt

Kiel M. Gregory

Sophia Turturro is a sophomore at SUNY Geneseo. She is majoring in psychology in an attempt to better understand the abstract thought patterns that can be inferred from the nature of her slightly unsettling and mildly inaccessible art. Sophia is also proficient in MS paint and considers that to be her most marketable trait for absolutely no reason.

Zach Buzzell is a father, a learning artist, and a 100% disabled veteran who recently found the healing powers of art, sculpture specifically.

Erik Carrigan suffers from a rare disease known as Visual Snow Syndrome, which is an incurable disorder that gives his vision an active, static texture that leaves colors, shapes, and lighting difficult to distinguish. He was then diagnosed with vertigo. Further research proved that it all may be neurologically related. This motivated Carrigan to return to school and become a student to further explore art as a means of translating how his eyes perceive the shared world differently.

Alyssa Cusimano is a senior at SUNY Cortland. She is a BFA candidate with a concentration in painting. She uses her paintings to capture personal experiences with mental illnesses and living in this social climate.

Harry Wyatt is a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Fine Arts. His classmates have helped buoy up his spirits during the pandemic. He also enjoys the fine drinking water of New York City.

Kiel M. Gregory teaches poetry workshops for the Binghamton Poetry Project, serves as Guest Curator for Bartle Library, and works as an administrator for Binghamton University where he is an MA candidate. He is currently working on his thesis, a collection of poetry based around the themes of family, fatherhood, and loss. His prose and verse appear in Lips, Stone Canoe, Hypertext Magazine, and other fine journals. Visit kielmgregory.com for more.

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