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12.1 | Art

Faith Mikolajczyk

Kaelin Martin

Makayla French

Sophia Turturro

Faith Mikolajczyk is a senior at SUNY Purchase studying photography and sculpture in the BFA program. Her photographic work is mainly analog, concentrating in 35mm film and alternate processes. Currently, her work focuses on themes of home and tradition, as well as the interrogation of the suburban landscape. Faith has had work in a few group shows, most recently A Tale of Two Fatties in the Forum Art Space at Purchase College.

Kaelin Martin is a queer, femme multimedia artist at SUNY Purchase. She is a senior political science major and visual arts minor. Their primary mediums include photography, poetry, music, movement, and collage. They also enjoy exploring other forms of visual and performance art such as printmaking, installation art, and sculpture. Their latest projects have been explorations of memory, movement, embodiment and the self.

Makayla French is a current junior biology major at SUNY Geneseo. She uses art as a way to relax and escape from time. She loves to paint natural themes, and portraits. Her love of art began with her high school art teacher who always believed in her and gave her the opportunity to explore, develop, and display her work.

Sophia Turturro is a junior at SUNY Geneseo. Her preferred medium is watercolor, but that’s only because the IRS stole all her crayons. To this day, after several thousand dollars in legal fees, they still claim it was the wind.

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