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Michele Lynn Pawlak

Anxiety in Motion

Her left hand flicks a cigarette that doesn’t

Need to be ashed. Her right hand clenches,

Fingers curling to her palm, and then,

She splays them all out again.

I’ve watched her for twenty-two minutes,

Counting the times she uncrosses her legs

And then crosses them again.

Sixteen times seems like too many.

In thirty minutes, I see her pattern:

Legs uncross, hand clenches shut,

Legs cross, hand opens wide.

I wonder if she times it?

Her trainwreck movements:

The jerks, the twitches, the constant motion.

I like the way her left hand never leaves her hair

When it isn’t flicking a cigarette.

Michele Lynn Pawlak is a second time SUNY student at Erie Community College, with a habit of writing, a penchant for coffee—good or bad—and a general appreciation of all things fictional.


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