Mira Jaeger


when i see yours,

i see flat callouses

across golden midwest

plains of palms.

i see you scratch

with your fountain pen

black ink between clammy

crevasses of your fingerprints.

i see bitten nails

painful, short

for climbing, and how

you neglected to touch

(or be touched, by me)

those hands were made

cold for a reason

are they warmer now?

i imagine, sadistically, that

they could be, that

my departure could complete you

in the same loving way it

halved me

do you know my

hands? did you learn me

like i learned you?

my hands were

weaker than yours,

do you only

remember your own?

you could have beat me senseless.

do you see the pencil

between fingers, long

spindly scratching at

your window. do they reach

for you, do you drink

from them. do you

see mine, me

i have to know

or can you only see them

around your neck?

Mira Jaeger is a freshman at Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in illustration. They enjoy literature, poetry, and screenwriting. Their poetry and visual art has been featured in Gandy Dancer and in Geneseo’s MiNT Magazine.