Alexandria Wyckoff

Yosemite, post-knee surgery

The breeze brushes across my

face; a concerned mother’s caress.

Mountains, soldiers protecting

the land, glance back at me.

The sun glints off the metal

handrails—a constant reminder

of human interference. I shift,

and try to emulate the broad shoulders,

sharp jawlines of those stoic

warriors. But I cannot raise

my chest high enough,

for how can one be a fighter

trapped by crutches under each

arm; chafed skin revealing my

soft exterior? I relent, instead gaze

towards deep trenches hidden

among each rank, where

battles continue to rage on—

faint roadways cutting into trees

like scratches on well-worn armor.

Footprints spread slowly like a disease.

Alexandria Wyckoff is a junior at SUNY Oswego, where she spends her time reading, jamming out to music, and coming up with new stories to tell. She is from Gilboa, NY and aspires to work in the publishing industry after graduation.