Frances Sharples


Believe me: this piece is paced by the waves

that were crashing upon me while I wrote this.

Lying on death’s bed I

imagine myself wondering why I

couldn’t have just been more

sociable or lovable or I don’t

know you choose the word More

soft and sweet and carved out of you Since fall

ing in love I haven’t

had much to write Since falling in love my

poems have lost their an

archy smoothed out neatly formulaic

careful organized Since

falling in love I have learned to deny

my masochism Since

falling in love I’ve become a maso

chist. I am not well Since

falling in love I have watched the ocean

sunrise off the coast of

Maine the sea is so forgiving it for

gives even me forgives

my mother for making me and you for

keeping Forgives you when

you have left forgives you when I cannot

Since falling in love I

believe anything again The ocean

is not my poem and

I am not the ocean’s anything

Frances Sharples is a junior English major at SUNY Geneseo and the editor-in-chief of The Lamron and Iris Magazine. Despite their overcommitment to and enthusiasm regarding a ridiculous number of things, it could be argued that all they truly care about is snacks, Wordle, and Dora Jar.