Kiel M. Gregory

Submitting to Literary Journals.docx

this handout on submitting to literary journals

was adapted and condensed from a workshop syllabus

which was likely adapted and condensed elsewhere

we writers

we do this to each other

it’s in our history,

which is to say,

our blood

let’s pretend

your predicament is serious,

is recent poetry,

and you feel small,

vulnerable, publishable

you, mildly familiar with the world,

are feeling lucky, punk

you think your skin,

like armor

against the inevitable rejection,


believe it—

you are a poem

let that last stanza            breathe

give it        space       on the page

       to seize      doubt

let your courage        strength        raw unjustified belief

carry you                                          to empty fields

populated with contact information

and cover letters

which we will cover next class

remember                     to be kind

        and the right kind of cool:

             read              work

published in previous issues


                          the guidelines

Kiel M. Gregory is a poetry workshop instructor for young minds in the Southern Tier of New York, where he is an M.A. candidate at Binghamton University. His prose and verse appear in Lips, Paterson Literary Review, Stone Canoe, Furrow, 365 Tomorrows, and elsewhere. Visit for more.