Susan Romance

Untitled, Oil on Canvas

Oils on canvas are

sensitive to the

oils on skin are

sensitive to my touch

as I reach out and

feel the ridges left

behind by your brush.

I wonder if you ever

let your hand wander

over the piece you

made, maybe to

check if it was

dry or just to

feel the hardened

paint imprint itself

under your index

finger for a second before

you move it away and

mark your signature

in the corner. I want

to think that this

paint was something we

both traced ourselves across,

decades apart,

a silent connection

forged when I realized

I have so little of you.

If we can run our fingers

over here again, I can have

something not colored by

the stories of worn adults or

my forgetful childhood eyes but instead

by the delicate movement of

your wrist, a paintbrush, oil on

canvas and all the time needed

to trace our fingers across it.

Susan Romance is currently a junior at SUNY Geneseo, with a major in English and a minor in film studies. She splits her time between her home in Cheektowaga, NY and Geneseo, and enjoys writing poems, listening to music, and playing with her cats.