Bryce Levac



There once were three orphaned organs

that needed new homes

Two monkeys sit side by side, restrained

Good, he thinks

They will be of use

Heart, Kidney, and the Lungs

Kidney and the Lungs are placed in SCS for two days

Heart only has four hours,

maybe six depending on good behavior

Monkey 1 is aggravated

Monkey 2 is frightened

Both just as easily succumb to the anesthesia

Heart is then given a new home in Victor

Heart loves Victor, and Victor loves Heart

Tubes connect Monkey 2 to Monkey 1

Nourishing Monkey 1’s body and so/mi;ul/nd

Kidney and the Lungs reach day two

Kidney’s new home is Frank, the Lungs get Elizabeth

A scalpel separates the skin, arteries, nerves, and bone

That connect the monkey’s heads to their bodies

Monkey 2 dies in order to satiate Monkey 1’s brain

Victor’s heart now beats steady as a rock

Frank doesn’t have to worry where his waste goes

Elizabeth can breathe easier than ever

Monkey 1’s head is placed upon Monkey 2’s body

They wait for Monkey 1 to regain consciousness

When he awakes he is aggravated just as he was before

Monkey 1 cannot move Monkey 2’s body

Monkey 1 is put down

It was the ethical thing to do

What perfect pairs they make.

Bryce Levac is a creative writing major with a minor in English. He’s currently in his senior year at SUNY Oswego and plans on graduating in the spring of 2023. Along with writing, his interests include comic books, movies and video games.