Noah Rust

A Thruway Ramble

I wonder if I could build a house

out of the things on the side of a thruway.

The rocks by an aunt’s house,

shards of broken glass, spare tires, metal

from street signs, wildflowers, or those

from someone’s roadside garden,

panel tile of a sidewalk, a stuffed animal,

the wind stolen from a child’s grasp,

plastic grocery bags with red smiley faces

saying thank you, thank you, thank you,

bottle caps beside mismatched bottles,

an empty, grease-stained McDonald’s fry cup,

dog toenail clippings, PVC pipes from a

water park sold to a regular homeowner,

cigarette butts, shed snakeskin, a still

and disemboweled fawn, and every

other footprint we forget we leave behind.

Noah Rust is a senior studying creative writing at SUNY Oswego. Their poems “Groom” and “To Kill a Girl” have been previously featured in the Great Lake Review.