Susan Romance

after the apocalypse

lavender breezes

cotton spurs

daisies grow through concrete.

i’ll cut up blacktop and

eat it for dinner

still smoldering. i’ll

hold your hand and

dirt will cake our fingertips.

i’ll make you a cherry pie

while you bury

the dead. all

in a day’s time.

find me a four leaf

clover and

make a sacred

wish. blood on the altar.

we’ll wash it away

with salt water and

lay ourselves to peace. all

in due time. let’s not

rush ourselves. let the world



Susan Romance is a senior at SUNY Geneseo studying English with concentrations in creative writing and film studies. When on campus, you can find her writing poetry, playing Microsoft Solitaire, and chit-chatting with her friends for hours. After graduation, Susan hopes to study library sciences and become a librarian.