Claire Bressette

Lover’s Quarrel

The calm before

the storm is eerily quiet.

I have heard the saying before

but this time was different–

drawn out, drastic, a stalemate

in the unholy hour.

But it was lightning speed

then thunder then




a hitch in the wind’s breath,

   and then


And after all is said and done and

the trees have settled their leaves,

we change our clothes,

and go to sleep,

as if it had never happened

Claire Bressette is a junior psychology major at SUNY Geneseo. When she isn’t in class, you might find her spending time with friends, playing guitar, and writing poetry. Claire is a songwriter and musician, with works published on Apple Music and Spotify. Common themes of her lyrics are mental health, growing pains, and complications in relationships. After college, Claire will attend graduate school to become a social worker, and continue to work on her music.