Antonio Cueva


I’ll be a street preacher for the new era,

pretty please,

holding up signs saying

‘You Are Loved’

and ‘You Will Be Saved’

with no fine print.

Come as you are

and come with whoever you’d like

and come however you like—

as long as it’s consenting.


I’ll be a street preacher for the new era

come to hear the good news?

We’ll fight for you

and love with you

and spend our time

learning what it’s like to live

in a new age

where fear doesn’t govern

and neither does God

nor does a fear of Godlessness,

the word heathen rendered defunct.


We chat, we jive

and swap our spit under summer moons

that glow our skin like fireflies

but they never flicker out,

not to you and not to me.


There was a time when we seemed doomed

the woes of seething street preachers and signs

within the clutch of wind-chapped fingers

blocking you and me from the corner store

reminding me of a past I longed to forget

and proclaiming we had to be saved

—your green eyes

and your body like an angel—

we realized we already were.

Antonio Cueva is a senior, English major, and Presidential Scholar at the University at Buffalo. Most of his free time is dedicated to arduously planning his medieval fiction series, but he also writes poetry, short stories, and songs.