12.2 Masthead

Rachel Hall | Faculty Advisor

Rachel Hall is the author of Heirlooms (BkMk Press, 2016) which was selected by Marge Piercy for the G.S. Sharat Chandra Book Prize. Her stories and essays have been published in numerous journals and anthologies, including Crab Orchard Review, Gettysburg Review, New Letters, Guernica Daily, and LitHub. She teaches creative writing and literature at Geneseo where she holds two Chancellor’s Award for Excellence–one for teaching and one for creative work.

Allison Brown | Production Advisor

Allison Brown, Production Advisor to Gandy Dancer, is the Digital Publishing Services Manager at Milne Library. She was on the staff for her college literary magazine, so she loves helping out with Gandy Dancer. Now she works on all types of open access publications and free online textbooks.

Lili Gourley | Managing Editor

Lili Gourley is an English (creative writing) major with a focus in poetry. She originally comes from Palmyra, New York, where there’s not much to do but be creative. She has had poems published in Gandy Dancer, ANGLES, and Iris Magazine. She’s a member of Sigma Tau Delta and aspires to work in publishing. Her most treasured possession is the ever-growing pile of books that is beginning to engulf the entirety of the bookshelf under her lizard, Winny.

Jess Marinaro | Managing Editor

Jess Marinaro (She/They) is a senior English Creative Writing and Sustainability Studies double major. She has had work published in previous editions of Gandy Dancer as well as Iris Magazine. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta and Senior Editor for Geneseo’s chapter of Her Campus. When she is not hunched over her computer, you can find Jess with the Geneseo Outdoors Club goofing around in nature or chatting with her residents in the Erie Hall service desk.

Sara Wilkins | Production Assistant

Sara Wilkins (She/They) is a senior English (creative writing) major at SUNY Geneseo. This is her third semester working on the Gandy Dancer staff and is excited for what this semester will bring, and sad that her time at Geneseo is coming to a close. She mainly writes in CNF and poetry but also loves to read fiction. When not reading or writing, Sara likes to spend her time hanging out with friends. She is also working with Darhansoff & Verrill Literary agents as an assistant.

Samantha McGinnis | CNF Editor

Samantha McGinnis is a sophomore adolescent education major with a concentration in English and creative writing from Potsdam, New York. After college, she hopes to become a high school teacher that can inspire her students to enjoy reading, writing, and learning. She is the Student Association Representative for KASA, and works part time off-campus. In her free time, Samantha enjoys reading, writing, journalling, making playlists and buying K-pop albums.

Mollie McMullan | Poetry Editor

Mollie McMullan is a junior English Creative Writing Major at SUNY Geneseo from Long Island. She is an enthusiastic writer primarily focused on poetry. At some point, Mollie would love to publish her own poetry collection. When she’s not writing, she can be found canvassing the beach for sea glass.

Jordyn Stinar | Fiction Editor

Jordyn Stinar is a junior English Literature major with a minor in Business Studies. She has always enjoyed the adventures that come when reading and wishes to travel one day herself. She hopes to work in publishing and is excited to start that journey at the Gandy Dancer. In her free time she enjoys reading, concerts, and time with friends and family.

Charlotte Salotto | CNF  Reader

Charlotte Salotto is a junior English adolescent education major with a minor in communications. She is from New City, NY and her hobbies include creating writing, dance and taking walks, whenever she has free time. Charlotte is the academic chair for Geneseo’s Sigma Tau Delta, as well as a writing tutor and an orientation leader. After college, Charlotte hopes to become an English teacher, in which she hopes to ignite a passion for writing and literature in all of her students.

Chris Murphy | CNF  Reader

Chris Murphy is a senior English creative writing and adolescent education major at SUNY Geneseo. His lyric prose has appeared in Gandy Dancer and his poetry in The Lamron Arts & Entertainment section. He lives, works, and plays in Rochester, New York and plans to pursue careers in teaching and creative writing. Some of his recent inspirations come from day-long urban hikes, his aging dog Eleanor Rigby, and the Buffalo Bills’ (most) recent playoff loss.

David Sweeney | Poetry  Reader

David Sweeney is a sophomore English Creative Writing major at SUNY Geneseo. He is from Rochester, New York and it is there that he pursued his passion for writing during high school at the School of the Arts. Most of his writing consists of fictional work in the genres of fantasy and sci-fi but he loves dabbling in poetry as well, and hopes to become published in the future. When he’s not working, David loves to spend his free time reading, playing video games, and watching YouTube. 

Elliot Pecora  | Poetry  Reader

Elliot Pecora is a senior English literature major at SUNY Geneseo. He has previously written two poetry collections, titled “An Organism is Living if Able to Reproduce” and “Mothblood.” In his free time, he writes, thinks about writing, and holds workshops centered on transpoetics. 

Grace Weidman | Fiction  Reader

Grace Weidman is a sophomore studying Childhood and Special Education with a concentration in English. She is very excited to be featured in Gandy Dancer and work with everyone. 

Hanna Proaper | Fiction  Reader

Hanna Proaper is an English Literature major at SUNY Geneseo. She is from Bath, NY, and plans to go to graduate school to continue her education in an English Ph.D. program. She enjoys hiking, listening to an abundance of music or podcasts, taking care of her plethora of plants, and can usually be found drinking tea and reading a good book!

Jessica Adams | Fiction Reader

Jessica Adams is a senior Creative Writing major with a minor in the Edgar Fellows Honors Program. She is originally from Rochester, New York. When not on campus she can usually be found at home with her two guinea pigs, Alice and Piper.

Kat Vogel | CNF Reader

Kat Vogel (she/her) is a senior English major with a focus in Literature. She is originally from the Hudson Valley region of New York. Outside of classes, she is apart of the Geneseo Cross Country and Track and Field teams. Besides reading and running, she enjoys cooking and baking when she has the time to do so. Another way she loves to spend her time when she’s back home is to visit her baby nephew TJ. Her plans after Geneseo include pursuing a Master’s Degree in Special Education with hopes to teach at the elementary school level.

Kaylyn Beachner |  Fiction  Reader

Kaylyn Beachner is a freshman at SUNY Geneseo studying english adolescent education. Slay!



Kyra Drannbauer |  Poetry  Reader

Kyra is a junior English adolescent education major with a creative writing concentration. She is from Smithtown, Long Island, where they had a poem published in their high school’s literary magazine Penumbra. She is also an active member in Geneseo’s Musical Theatre Club and Emmelodics All-Gender Acapella, serving as the latter group’s creative director. When Kyra is not singing or writing, she can be found watching melodramatic TV with her friends in their townhouse.

Maggie Tepper  | Social  Media  Manager

Maggie Tepper is a senior adolescent education major with a concentration in English literature. She is the PR Manager for Gandy Dancer, as well as a  varsity and JV volleyball coach at Batavia High School. She enjoys spending time promoting Gandy Dancer and planning volleyball practices and cool activities for her students. Hi friends!

Nossoh Diarra |  CNF  Reader

Nossoh Diarra is a well-rounded and humble student who is involved in activities around campus that promote diversity and a sense of community.

Ryan Eck |  Fiction  Reader

Ryan Eck is an English major with a Creative Writing concentration at SUNY Geneseo. Ryan is also a massive fan of video games, anime, and manga. He hopes to one day be a published fiction and comic writer.

Taylor Williams |  CNF  Reader

Taylor Williams is a Sophomore here at SUNY Geneseo. She is an English Major with a concentration in Creative Writing with a Minor in Business Studies. Her goals include pursuing a full-time job at the New York Times and having a successful journalism career. In addition, she likes to read books to explore creativity in a different format.