Isabel Owen

Mayyim Hayyim

In the shower we sometimes remember

             the fantastic–

water coaxing shoulders

to rest; the steams of memory

         fogging reflections

in the mirror; if we once shared

water with a lover or watched

the water pool in our palms; if we

                               saw all the troubles of our day sneak

                               out the window like a ghost; if we

closed our eyes and nearly

fell asleep in the downpour,

      (as if to ask water to fund

       our escape to dreams;)

if we wondered why hard water

is not as conducive for lather; if we

watched our blood swirl gorgeously down the drain,

                               a monthly reminder;

           if we wondered where our lovers

are, what our childhood friends do

now, and if they still go to the beach,

          what our mothers are

thinking about when we’re not home

Isabel Owen is a junior English (creative writing) and history double major with minors in Latin American studies and Black Studies at SUNY Geneseo. She only recently learned how to ride a bike, but now rides hers everywhere.