8.2 | Masthead

Rachel Hall | Faculty Advisor

Rachel Hall is the author of Heirlooms (BkMk Press, 2016) which was selected by Marge Piercy for the G.S. Sharat Chandra Book Prize. Her stories and essays have been published in numerous journals and anthologies, including Crab Orchard Review, Gettysburg Review, New Letters, Guernica Daily, and LitHub. She teaches creative writing and literature at Geneseo where she holds two Chancellor’s Award for Excellence–one for teaching and one for creative work.

Nicole Callahan | Managing Editor

Nicole Callahan is working towards a degree at a college. She has done some things, does other things currently, and would like to do still other things in the future. When she isn’t in one place, she can often be found at another. She loves certain books, foods, and activities.


Natalie Hayes | Managing Editor

Natalie Hayes is a junior English (creative writing) major and film studies minor, though she intends on graduating by the end of the year. She is from the Hudson Valley and loves nothing more than making things—pies, paintings, pictures, poems, publications, and plenty more. Also, Natalie believes in and is constantly looking for magic; this excursion into editing, she reckons, is no exception. If you’re lucky, you might find her hanging bubble wrap and blown-up condoms in an elevator somewhere under the guise of art.

Jesper Chitsaz | CNF Editor 

Jesper Chitsaz is a sophomore English and political science major at SUNY Geneseo. In his spare time, he enjoys buying books he’ll forget to read and being with dogs. He hopes to pursue publishing after graduation.


Sara Devoe | Art Editor & Fiction Reader

Sara Devoe is a junior English (creative writing) major with a communication minor. She specialized in fiction writing, most particularly the short story. Along with writing, Sara is apart of SUNY Geneseo’s a cappella group Between The Lines and holds a strong passion for writing and producing music.


Troy Seefried | Fiction Editor

Troy Seefried is an English (creative writing) major. His interests include writing fiction, finding hidden parks throughout upstate New York, and reading mysteries that feature an animal sidekick. After graduation, he plans on pursuing his lifelong dream of opening a pug ranch where he can find peace and pen mystery novels.


Lyndsay Tudman | Poetry Editor

Lyndsay Tudman is a sophomore English (creative writing) major from Syracuse, NY. She has a passion for music along with her love for reading and writing poetry. If she isn’t inside hanging out with her friends, you can probably find her outside kayaking or fishing. Lyndsay is excited to work on Gandy Dancer to explore the world behind editing and publishing.

Maggie Aldrich | Poetry Reader 

Maggie Aldrich is a senior Neuroscience major from Long Island currently applying to veterinary medical schools. In addition to her love for animals, Maggie has a passion for the mechanisms and intricacies of writing and editing. At Geneseo, she works as a writing tutor and a research assistant in a psychology lab. In her free time, Maggie enjoys practicing yoga, skiing, listening to music, and taking a drive to watch the sunset.

Jay Bang | Fiction Reader 

Jay Bang is an English (literature) major from Queens, NY. Like many English majors, he likes to read, write, and hope to make a living doing either of those. He also enjoys watching good movies and playing music. Since he has run out of things to say, he shall stop here.


David Beyea | Public Relations Coordinator & Fiction Reader 

David Beyea is a senior English (literature) major. He has a vested interest in the profound, the superficial, and the occult. Find him gallivanting through the woods on a crisp autumn day, or perusing the local movie rental store for a nice Tarkovsky to ease his mind. Just don’t tell him those stores don’t exist anymore, you’ll break his heart.


Shakira Browne | Poetry Reader 

Shakira Browne is a junior English major with a theatre minor. She is passionate about animals and writing poetry. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing her pet turtles and watching them eat the veggies off her plate so she won’t have to.



Julia Caldwell | Poetry Reader

Julia Caldwell is a senior English (literature) major and communications minor at SUNY Geneseo. She is from Poughkeepsie, New York, and swims for the Geneseo Swimming and Diving team. After graduation, Julia hopes to find a job that combines her passion for travel and hospitality.



Sarah Channels | Poetry Reader

Sarah Channels is a junior English (literature) major.  She has a strong affinity for Shakespeare and Harry Styles.  She can usually be found rereading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, going to concerts where she doesn’t know any of the words to the songs, or singing in her a cappella group, Between the Lines.



Jordyn Costello | CNF Reader

Jordyn Costello is an English (literature) and American Studies major at SUNY Geneseo.  She plans to be a lawyer in the future. She also enjoys trying new food and traveling to new places.



Brian Faraczek |  Poetry Reader

Brian Faraczek is a senior communication major at SUNY Geneseo. He avidly enjoys reading poetry and short stories in his spare time. He will be pursuing a JD next year. Brian has been writing music and short stories for most of his life.


Laura Gikas| Fiction Reader

Laura Gikas is a senior English (creative writing) major and psych minor. Her greatest accomplishment to date is probably winning a cute bunny plushie from a guess-how-many-jelly-beans-are-in-the-jar contest in first grade. In her free time, she likes to watch anime, take naps, meme, and reminisce about Japan. One day, she wants to write a novel, but she hasn’t yet.


Molley Gross | Fiction Reader

Molley Gross is a junior political science major with a minor in English from Medina, NY. She enjoys Oaxacan tacos, snuggling her cat, Susan, and watching Russian miniseries’ like The Road to Calvary. She is a Mario Kart champ. She is unsure of her plans after graduation but hopes to find herself in the Southwest.


Jamie Henshaw | CNF Reader

Jamie Henshaw is a Senior at SUNY Geneseo. He is currently studying the crafts of creative writing and education, determined to teach high school English. He is proud to partake in the literary community as a current reader and past contributor for Gandy Dancer. If you were to ask him, he would tell you that words are the most powerful thing we have possession of and that we should consume and forge as many as possible.

Hemingway Lovullo| Fiction Reader 

Hemingway Lovullo is a sophomore English major, German minor from Buffalo, New York. He enjoys reading, writing, and incessantly correcting others’ grammar, which is what makes him want to pursue a career in copyediting. When he isn’t doing any of those things, he’s binge-watching The Witcher on Netflix.



Lara Mangino| CNF Reader 

Lara Mangino is an English Literature and Political Science major. Along with working on Gandy Dancer, she is the proud Editor of Geneseo’s MiNT Magazine and is excited to continue to work to bring the two publications together. In her free time, she wonders why she doesn’t have more of it.


John Mattison | CNF Reader

John Mattison is a sophomore English (creative writing) major at SUNY Geneseo. He’s looking to go into editing in the future while publishing on the side. He’s excited to work on Gandy Dancer to help in the editing process and learn more about editing along the way.


Joe Sharak | CNF Reader

Joe Sharak is an English (literature) major who wants to become an English teacher in the future. He loves fiction, and his favorite book is Of Mice and Men. When he’s not reading you can find him in the gym, or writing his own fiction stories. He adores traveling and experiencing new things every day.

Olivia Zambri | Poetry Reader

Olivia Zambri is a senior communication major with an English minor at SUNY Geneseo. When she’s not at school, she’s soaking in the Long Island sun and traffic.