Jenna Coburn


i laugh without listening

and cancel all my plans

in black and white

dressing every windshield in dew

i dream of you in bars

in bars

i wake up wallowing


in all our distances and headaches

every day a virgin hangover

my dry eyes are roof tiles

in wait

for acid to come pouring

out of a cracked ceramic sky


i cancel plans ’cause of my veins’

caramel sludge cravings ever

clear embers and

candy climbing tumbles

i crumple through the openings

of every suburban sliding glass door

to sear the acoustics of some stranger’s

morning cigarettes

make clouds

and disappear into vapor-burned valleys

i cancel plans ’cause the moon has been full for three months

and the atmosphere’s been seizing grandly

in time to my throat’s theatrics,

in time to the tics of my lighter’s

flickers and clicking calls

that won’t stop

’cause i don’t leave my bed


Jenna Coburn is a senior psychology major and English minor at SUNY Geneseo. She is from the Hudson Valley where she enjoys caring for her cacti, doodling, writing poems, and annoying her family via the guitar. This is her first published work.