Ellie Casterline

To Bleed or To Cause Bleeding

Lady Macbeth,

wash your hands.

The water will turn red,

but the shame is in your fingerprints.

Sure, you can shower,

but the river down your

legs will return within the hour,

it’s only day three.

You’re empty, aren’t you?

Unable to carry life in you.

You failed this cycle, didn’t you?

Lucia di Lammermoor

had what we have,



she went mad!

Blood on her dress,

blood on your hands,

blood on our thighs.

Let’s sing a

Coloratura aria,


the time while

the idiots scramble.


we denied entrance this month,

we killed them.

Don’t worry,

it’s not our fault.

The moon is too full

for us to brute the blame.


Ellie Casterline is a senior at Binghamton University working towards a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing. Her early kindergarten acrostic poetry showed promise (E is for Eagle, L is for Lion, L is for Lamb, etc.), but her current work grapples with feminism and the strife of misogyny…so, maybe not too far off from before.