Kiel M. Gregory

An Enquiry concerning Inessential Human Consciousness


I think      isolation creates time

therefore  in considering my life

I am          in terms of irrelevance



not absolutely necessary



which point in time did I begin to focus on

relieving pain and avoiding suffering

as opposed to obtaining knowledge

creating connection

or feeling that every day the sun rises

I am part of an infinitely beautiful swirl



ordinal sets


or quantity

contemporaneous applications include

the assignment of indexable metadata

appended to varying complications of media,

such as tweets, memes,

or direct neural interface qualia

it would be useful to invent the machine

if only we had the time to do so

can you imagine a simulated life?


the tough conversations

rent is due


car loan, too

I am lucky to at least have a home

I cannot be alone

regarding this particular concern


the rate at which

is of primary concern here

and that is what we mean by


in the streets

a body’s color

is a reliable predictor of future outcomes

Hume says

the future may not always resemble the past

it is time to remove our masks

and put on masks

and rally for disproportionate no longer


(similar to, but not to be confused with, the logical AND)

in proofreading, insert here

but in Latin


means it lacks

or to indicate separateness

I fear for my use

in signifying


or as part of an

upward curve

I have been conditioned

to flatten my own height

my whole life


I can find purpose

in staying at home


being so small

Kiel M. Gregory lives and tends bar in Sackets Harbor, NY, and studies English literature, creative writing, and philosophy at SUNY Oswego. He has served as guest editor for the North Country Writers Festival and managing editor for Jane’s Boy Press. His prose and verse appear in Lips, Paterson Literary Review, aaduna, Furrow, Audeamus, and elsewhere. In addition to writing, his interests include skydiving, cooking, photography, and reading classic and contemporary speculative fiction. Visit for more.