Miranda Phillips

Dreams under the Red Eye of a Hotel Television

Avocado Toast

You’ve made a bold move. It’s scary and everyone is asking you why. 

Trust yourself. Worst comes to worst, you can always cover it up.

Yellow Light

Gun it, baby. Life’s too short.

Elephant Ears 

You wish for something soft and colorful in your life—consider buying a parakeet. 

But don’t teach it swear words.

Gold Eagle 

You will finally be published by an up-and-coming publishing house. 

If sitting, you should skip town. Things aren’t going to end well.

Flat Tire 

Double check before leaving: passport, wallet, toothbrush, underwear, date. 


You dream of power. The thoughts in your head ram into one another, creating static,

bubbling energy—unharnessed capacity for greatness.


The scent of a man fresh from the shower is intoxicating. 


A man’s head may look pretty on the wall, but if his heart is still in shedding season

leave him in the wild. There’s no reason to pay the hauling fee. 


You seek a form of correction in your appearance. Quit eating so many cookies.  


You will leave in the dark without saying goodbye. The early morning moon will guide

you down the mountain pass and onto the plains before he even wakes.    


Your love life isn’t meant to be explosive, but rather a steady burning log in a stone

hearth. Children will snuggle down by your side to warm themselves. Embrace them



Your next job will start at 7:00 a.m. You’ve been warned. 

VW Bug

Your goals need a mechanic, not a junkyard. Pick up a quart of oil, a new toolbox, spare

tire, and a few flares. The Redwoods are waiting.  


Miranda Phillips is a junior creative writing major at SUNY Oswego. When she’s not writing, she can be found hiking with her rescue dog, riding horses, or dreaming of her life as a novelist in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.