Aliyha Gill

The High Place Phenomenon


Rushing water carries logs down the creek. I force myself

not to shout out as the reservoir soaks up my reflection.

Blushed pink cheeks coated in misty air, I

never want to be pummeled,

crushed by the insurmountable weight of the falls.

Nowhere else to go, it releases a saturated

gush of waste and debris. I

don’t speak, just picture myself tumbling in the mix.

Hush, hear a log’s soft whistles and cries.

No one will notice her absence amongst the

brush; many branches take her place.

She’s gone.

Aliyha Gill is a psychology and English (creative writing) double major senior at SUNY Geneseo. She is the opinion editor for The Lamron and the copy editor for MiNT Magazine. She appreciates all forms of art and aspires to publish her own poetry collection one day.