Kristian Grant

don’t collect $200

i pass

but just enough

a solid 65 straddling the line

best not buck them hips

cuz that’s one ferocious animal

ready to throw you to the wolves

staring mechanically through your misery

i pass

but just enough

not enough to collect $200

but enough to make it one more round

oh what a life

running to begin the cycle anew

you’re cheating!

go directly to jail.

i pass

but not by my own efforts

dragged out to sea by a wave of perception

then pulled under by the wrath of those chaotic waters

and in those final moments

when air cries out in my veins for release

seeking to desert me like so much else

i ponder if camouflage was the only gift

the only blessing my maker saw fit to bestow upon me


Kristian Grant is a graduating senior at FIT who can often be found dodging public perception by tending to their villagers on Animal Crossing. The hottest non-binary femme on two legs to grace Laurelton, New York, Kristian is an avid lover of pop culture and unapologetic queerness. Their love for writing stemmed from innumerable childhood trips to the public library. Since then, they have found immense beauty and joy in crafting poetry and writing fiction.