Kristian Grant

grindr musings #1

when i think about us crossing paths

the edges of our circles brushing against each other


i wonder if by blue light will i transform once more

cinderella i am not

my glass slippers are baby wipes

crumpled in my bag because your trash was so hard to find

but still so obvious to the rational mind

i was following your directions

quiet as a church mouse

in a house where i was going to sin


but first, save mine eyes

for in this light, every man could be my savior

lord make my body clean,

lord make my body


i sin on my own.

i smell a smell, i dream a dream


Kristian Grant is a graduating senior at FIT who can often be found dodging public perception by tending to their villagers on Animal Crossing. The hottest non-binary femme on two legs to grace Laurelton, New York, Kristian is an avid lover of pop culture and unapologetic queerness. Their love for writing stemmed from innumerable childhood trips to the public library. Since then, they have found immense beauty and joy in crafting poetry and writing fiction.