Misty Yarnall


We’ve been fighting over

the side of a slide on the playground about yesterday

afternoon. My boyfriend and I broke

into an abandoned house and fucked

up the wooden paneling with

a hammer in search of treasure, but found

insulation that smells like suffocation. A snuff

of a drug like a hat that comforted me, until the high

faded, and I saw

the hole in the wall and I crawled inside,

and coughed into the abyss. I smacked him.

He kissed me and together we


A child screams,

chased around on the ground, I look down

from the top of the equipment. I sit in silence

and slide

to the bottom of the structure into a cluster of gravel stones

where my boyfriend greets me. He grabs my

wrist and we kiss under sticky sunlight, woodchips

stuck in my sandals I can’t bear

the taste of his spit.

Misty Yarnall is a creative writing major at SUNY Purchase, with minors in screenwriting and playwriting. She is currently working on an one-act play and is outlining a novella.