Christina Mortellaro

An Efficient Remedy Is to Be Alone

A migraine: loose change jangling inside a balloon—muffled
copper flicks I-I-I: an attempt to speak. Across the forehead: flop
like a cat chasing traced feather-pressure. You can apply a soft vice,

two cold pillows, to block out sporadic pennies clanging—florescent,
light bulbs unscrewed, packed in cardboard & bubble-wrap
to reduce throbbing—etch-a-sketch it away. Draw empty

faucets to wash down tylenol & swallow, pills like rosaries—
beads sticking half-way, make goldfish gulps: rhythmic peristalsis,

push them down. Lay alone, ignore the knuckled morse taps—
Better yet? Tighten pillows, maybe carousel your summer, anything quiet

to induce sleep: butterflies inside picnic blankets, knitting your Christmas gifts
months in advance, reading science textbooks—lysosomes hammer-smashing cells.

Christina Mortellaro is a senior English (Creative Writing) and Communication major at SUNY Geneseo. Christina has been previously published in Gandy Dancer and her poetry has been presented at the Sigma Tau Delta 2014 International Convention in Savannah, GA. In her spare time, Christina likes to cross stitch and eat peaches. Christina has been best friends with Jo March from Little Women since first reading the book when she was ten years old.

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