Simeon Youngmann

Our Farm House

it seems fitting
the cold should keep company here
entertain guests on uneven floors
slumped precariously on stone stilts of a foundation eager
craning to crash back into the earth

visitors are escorted through the obvious doors
but the mistress herself, the balmy blue-grey frost
sidles in through as many gaps and slits as science can support

and in, always in, as there’s no about-face capacity
with winters; they simply soldier on until exhausted
somewhere around Moscow

Simeon Youngmann is an MFA candidate in Painting and Drawing at SUNY Albany with a longstanding interest in the relationship between visual art and poetry. He hails from upstate New York, just west of the Vermont border. Simeon hopes to teach art at the college level following the completion of his degree. Simeon would be best friends with Calvin, from Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.

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