Chloe Forsell

We as Bird & Branch

I unwanted wings unfilled

and marrowless. You

hollowboned twisting

limbs and trunkrot,

echo from empty

ashen bark. Wasted days

wreathing into holes,

rooting in each other.

Wasted away, wanting

deadleaves or anything

closer to the ground.

<< Berenstein/Berenstain 
Things we remember years later in our dreams >>

Chloe Forsell is a junior at SUNY Geneseo, double majoring in French and English (creative writing). She hails from a town that, if drawn to scale on a map of New York State, might resemble a fingernail hugging the edge of Lake Erie. Chloe likes to spend her time making Spotify playlists and cooking foods that she doesn’t really know how to cook. Her post-grad plans are largely undetermined.