Evan Goldstein

Standing at the Sill, the Sun is Weak & Dropping

we need to clean the window

there are specks

on the trees

grasping dusk light settles

on the windowsill

snowmelt rushes storm drains

and the grass,

greening tailpipes still vapor

                                                                    to the road,

and crows turn

                      in hyacinth light

                                                    on the ceiling

come lay down

                      before warm light leaves

                                                   the mattress.

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Evan Goldstein is a junior English (creative writing) major at SUNY Geneseo. Evan served as Gandy Dancer’s poetry editor last semester, and sometimes when it’s foggy he goes for walks (not in an angsty way, he hopes) but then gets scared on the darker roads. Warily, Evan would be best friends with Stephen Dedalus.