Michal Zweig


the limiting reagent preventing the reaction from going to completion even though

there was more than excess of you or maybe i’m a fatty acid


being dissolved in deuterated methanol which has almost the same density as water

(but not at room temperature where you can watch it and see it vaporize)

(but not at room temperature when you put your hand around your beaker and feel

it vaporizing. cold.)

maybe i’m looking for a way to say that i’m terrified

i imagine being in love is like having an orgasm in that:

“I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand

to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I

could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it”

—US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart

so i can’t say i’ve ever felt that w wa wa wa w wa wa aw awaw awwawaw awawwaw

wa wa way ay ay ay ayayayya yya ay ay ayaya ay ayy ay ay a ayy ya ay ay ay ay a ay y

ayyay ay a y y

but i felt something similar                                                                                                                                                         (i think)

           which was                                                                                                                                                  safe.

22-24-29 (Turn the dial to the right a few times. Before you enter the combination, you need to clear out any prior settings. You can do this by turning the locker dial to the right two or three times. Move the dial back to 0. Before you are ready to enter the combination, you must first move the dial to 0. Do this by turning the dial to the right until it is set on 0. Turn the dial to the right until you reach the first number in the combination. (This would be 22 in the combination.) You need to stop the dial on the exact number in the combination for it to work. Move the dial back to the left until you reach the second number in the combination. (This would be 24 in the combination.)  Be sure that you do not accidentally move the dial to the right first, or the locker will not open. Turn the dial back to the right until you reach the third number in the combination. (This would be 29 in the combination.) Take care to line up the number on the dial precisely. Open the locker. Once you have moved the dial to the third digit, then the locker has been unlocked. All you have left to do is pull the handle.)

Dear ___, When I’m near you I want to be nearer to you. I think that’s called attraction and I definitely feel the forces pulling us into each other. And I always want to give in and let us react but I can’t to completion. Not emotionally (corazón nadie no me dio/para amar Segundo) and not physically.

Yours, ___

and i don’t want to let myself downrightnow. (but i’m willing to try again one day if you are and can and want to). (and i know you’re struggling too) (but that’s okay) (we can trudge water, waist deep side by side(because that’s what friends are for)) (and we won’t hold hands because we need to do this alone).

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Michal Zweig is a junior chemistry major and a chatterbox with too much to say about things she knows too little about, but she means well. Lately she has been spending too much time learning Aramaic, which will never serve her any practical purpose. You can probably catch her doing this in the upstairs section of the library, when she is supposed to be studying for a biochem exam.