Rachael Mulvihill

Canoodling of the Arrector Pili Muscle

The best thumb twiddlers count their twiddling as a step toward Zen

—like enlightenment (though husbands/wives/part

ners of many top twiddlers  report concerns of OCD). Consider

whether you will allow a dominant rotational direction or strive for equality

between front and back twiddling? Will your thumbs touch

or not? If they touch, will you keep them in constant contact or will they merely bump

during each rotation? How deep will you twiddle? Thumbnail? First knuckle? The full length

of the thumb? Could you twiddle one thumb toward your fingers (front-twiddle)

and then away (back-twiddle)? What about your regiment? Are you open to same-sex partner

twiddling? If so, will you contribute the right or left hand? Are you going for speed,

attempting to increase RPM, or endurance

twiddling, looking to boost your hours? Or are you going for technique

twiddling, hoping to develop the perfect twiddle rotation? How and at what depth

will you interlock your fingers?

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Rachael Mulvihill is a senior at SUNY Brockport. She is majoring in creative writing and works as a paralegal in Rochester, NY. She is inspired by oddities in the world and is passionate about expressing experiences through text. She is convinced that mermaids exist and that there are alternate realities. This is her first time being published in a literary magazine. She plans to attend graduate school at SUNY Brockport in the fall of 2016.