Four Reasons Your Future Self Will Thank You for Submitting to Gandy Dancer

Posted by Heather Molzon, GD Public Relations Manager and Fiction Reader for 5.2

Are you looking for a sign to submit your work to Gandy Dancer this semester? If so, consider this it! Gandy Dancer is now officially accepting submissions in the genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual art until February 17th for Issue 5.2.

D.W Winnicot once said, “Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.” This couldn’t be a more relatable statement because as college artists we are often plagued by doubt when deciding whether or not to share our work.

This nagging doubt can often prevent us from seeing the true merit of our own art and restrict us from allowing it to be appreciated by others. While it’s important to honor the creative process and allow ourselves to fully develop our pieces, keeping our work to ourselves is detrimental to our growth as young writers and artists.

Here at the Gandy Dancer, we want to urge you to overcome the desire to hide as an artist and submit your work to our SUNY-wide literary magazine. Below is what we believe to be some of the greatest benefits of being published in a literary journal as a young artist:

1. Exposure

If published in a literary magazine your work will be widely read, both online and in print. Gandy Dancer, specifically, focuses on the SUNY community which can allow you to forge connections with other college writers in New York.

2. Building Your Resume

Nothing gives a college student more satisfaction than adding something new to their resume or LinkedIn profile. Once published in a literary journal, this is definitely something you can use to impress future employers, especially if you hope to pursue a career in the writing industry.

3.Receive Feedback on Your Work

If your work is chosen to be published in a literary journal editors will most likely give you feedback on your piece. This can not only be useful in bettering your craft, but also in gaining experience communicating remotely with an editor

4. Confidence

Whether it is submitting to a literary journal for the first time or having your work published for the third time, there is always a newfound confidence that can be gained through submitting to literary journals. The self-doubt felt by all artists is completely normal, but becomes less prominent the more you submit and share your work!

It’s clear that the benefits surrounding submitting to, and being published in, a literary magazine are vast, especially pertaining to young artists. Pushing doubt to the wayside and submitting your work to Gandy Dancer Issue 5.2 is something your future self will thank you for; click here to get started!

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