Here Comes the Hard Part

Posted by Emily Webb, Managing Editor for 1.2

Hello There, Readers!

We may have dipped out of the blogosphere for quite some time now, but the Gandy Dancer team has been hard at work mounting our mammoth of a magazine. Over the past few weeks, our editorial staff has accomplished several feats – not before braving a gamut of digital dangers – while venturing into a greater literary community across the state.

Once we deluged inbox after inbox with cheeky advertisements about our magazine, the Gandy Dancer team stumbled upon close to 90 submissions for our forthcoming issue! (Now, I’m not sure about you, readers, but I think that’s pretty sweet for a rookie lit mag.) Sifting through a variety of virtual voices, we noticed a great number of submissions from writers at other SUNY campuses – primarily SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Albany & Binghamton University – while a majority derived from our own Geneseo students.


We have embarked on plenty of rousing adventures with these poems & stories: following an observant cabbage patch doll as she dotes on her maturing owner, exploring the majestic ruins of Detroit circa 1840, even watching humans mutate into animals just before breakfast. Sadly, we must now part ways with some of these outstanding works as we try to squeeze so much talent into a single issue. While we may have received an overwhelming margin of work from the Geneseo student body, we still strive to feature remarkable writers from across the state & welcome even more outside submissions for future issues.

Want to stay informed about where we’re headed in the editorial process? Check back here for the latest updates on our first official issue before it debuts in May!


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