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Senior Readings: An Exploration of Past and Future

Posted by Maya Bergamasco, Poetry reader for issue 4.2

Here in Geneseo, spring is not only a time to lounge on the campus green or celebrate the return of famed Geneseo sunsets. For English students, spring heralds the annual senior readings, where every graduating senior in the creative writing program reads their work for their peers, professors, and family. For me, this is a bittersweet time. As I listen to my peers share their poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and hear their plans for the future, I am both excited and saddened. Excited that they will do such amazing things: become a teacher, earn an MFA in creative writing, or join the world of publishing. Yet, I am saddened that I will no longer laugh with them in class, or receive their feedback in workshop, or simply have the privilege to read rough drafts fresh from their thoughts. The seniors, too, seem to share this bittersweet feeling.

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A Brief Reflection

Posted by Kyle Frink, Poetry reader for issue 4.2

Now that the final publishing of Gandy Dancer 4.2 is coming to a close, I wanted to take the opportunity to find out a little about the published authors’ thoughts and feelings. I had the privilege of asking a couple questions to authors currently published in Gandy Dancer. Mainly concerned with how it felt to be published, I asked Sarah Steil ’17, and Sarah Simon ’17 (both from Geneseo) about their first reactions to being published and to reflect on their writing process. I found the responses differ a widely between each person. Sarah Steil said of being published, “I mean it’s really exciting, right? Like that means a group of people read something I wrote and thought it was meaningful in some way.” However, Sarah feels like now that her piece is out in the world, she doesn’t have another chance to fix or change it. “It’s exciting to see your name in print, but you never get feedback for it so I just hope someone reads it.” Knowing Sarah personally, it is quite plain to see how hard on herself she can be. While Sarah’s story, “Flickering,” is fiction, she prefers to write nonfiction. “I feel like writing nonfiction is more satisfying, because when I finish a piece it’s exciting because it’s done, but also satisfying because I’ve figured something out through writing it.” Sarah uses nonfiction to put the complex and ever-changing puzzle pieces of her life together in a way she can understand.

We had a very interesting piece of poetry come through our submissions list, one that at first caused wrinkled brows and took some time to discuss. This poetry submission included images as well as a sporadic change in format. Sarah Simon’s “Cingulum” was accepted into the latest edition, providing a unique perspective on depression. She says “‘Cingulum,’ the poem I submitted, is personal. It discusses and plays with the idea of clinical depression. The imagery and literal images (photos are part of it) expound on these ideas, which often halt me my in my tracks yet keep me going. If that poem was chosen, maybe it stopped someone for a little while too, and in a way that makes you realize that you must keep going.” Sarah Simon looks forward to the Gandy Dancer launch part on May 11th at 9:00 AM in the College Union Hunt Room. “I was so pumped to hear about getting published; I know the editors really consider submissions… I’m planning on reading my poem there. I hope to have a similar effect on the audience at the launch party, using my voice and material.”

We are delighted and very satisfied with the finished product and are looking forward to the launch party to debut the 4.2 edition!


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Gandy Dancer 4.2 Preview!!

Posted by Emily Peterson, Poetry reader for issue 4.2

Here's a sneak peek at our cover for issue 4.2! Artwork by Lei Pen Gan

Here’s a sneak peek at our cover for issue 4.2!
Artwork by Lei Pen Gan

As the cruel month of April comes to a close and the beginning of May is within sight, Gandy Dancer issue 4.2 is nearly ready for launch. With contributions from students across ten different SUNY schools, issue 4.2 delivers a wide range of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art that encapsulates SUNY’s literary skill. The Gandy Dancer staff has worked all semester long to curate a magazine that celebrates diverse voices and unique creative expression.

We are proud to publish six different works of fiction in this issue of Gandy Dancer including Sarah Hopkins’ haunting piece, “Frontierland,” which is a story set on a bleak and dusty oil well that captivates the reader with its strong sense of place. We are also pleased to publish Abigail Allen’s “Love is Lemons,” a quiet story that highlights the subtleties and frustrations of young love. Issue 4.2’s poetry selection offers poems from eighteen different authors. These poems range dramatically in theme, tone, and structure. Michal Zweig’s “Happy//Over” commands the reader’s attention with its shifting typeface, strikethroughs, and a spliced in quote from a US Supreme Court justice. Jay’s two poems, “Winning the Lottery, 1969” and “Cannon Fodder” employ an economy of language which is concise yet powerful. Christine Davis’ deeply personal essay “Onliness” explores the complexity of family dynamics and the role of only children. “What Are You Laughing At?” by Brendan Mahoney is a humorous work of nonfiction that delivers poignant commentary on modern day comedic discourse. The Gandy Dancer staff is proud to publish original artwork in a variety of mediums—peppering photography, painting, collage, and even sculpture throughout the magazine. Issue 4.2’s Featured Artist is Lei Peng Gan whose three paintings “Untitled No. 17,” “Muar: Jalan Meriam No.2,” and “Intersection No. 5” feature rich colors and distinct lines.

We hope you join us for the official release of Gandy Dancer issue 4.2 at the launch party on Wednesday, May 11 at 9:00 AM in the College Union Hunt Room.

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